Wandering Soul !!!

I’m a wanderer !!! it’s in my blood and I love to travel.. Therefore.. i must be a “Vagabond Traveler”, but I do have a home to lay my head… smile..

My very first long trip was in 1965, my mom and I took a Greyhound bus from Lake Charles, La. to Los Angeles, Calif, we went to visit our cousin, who happened to live in Watts and the 1965 Watts riot had just ended. We even had to deal with a curfew..experience “numero uno” for this lil’ Louisiana girl.  After a few days In LA, we traveled to Vallejo, California near San Francisco, had a chance to see a beach that you couldn’t put your swimsuit on in July (water to cold) and had my first taste of Chinese Food, never looked back after that experience in Chinatown… I was sold…

I will always be grateful to my mom for making sure… that you did not get trapped within your block, city or state.

Traveling is just not a dream of where I want to go..instead, it’s my mission, even with limited $$$’s . I had to learn how to get there however I could!!!  I think everyone make the mistake of thinking , I can’t travel because I don’t have the money, yes, that will slow you down!!  Without a doubt.  But, you can do it, even being a Frugal Traveler… Believe me!!  there are tons of sites to help you travel.

I hope as I continue on this journey called “blogging”.. to give some ideas of how you can go on your dream trip or as some say, cross off a location that was on your bucket list..  Speaking of bucket list, today, I read an article “Why I’m Ditching My Bucket List” on Smarter Traveler by Christine Sarkis.  She said, we should actually call it your “Adventure Book”.. I, so agree with her… here’s the definition of bucket list — a dream or grand vacation before you kick the bucket.… well… even I like Adventure Book better….you go!! Christine…  As, I reflected on my travel adventure, I had my top 4 places to go… Paris, Barcelona, Monte Carlo and Macau.  I made it to Paris, Barcelona and Monte Carlo finally in October, 2000, but in January 2001, I found out I had Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma.. they said stage 4… but I didn’t concentrate on the cancer. I had a chance to see some great sites, had great times, had no regrets… with treatments I knew I would get thru to the other side and see my next adventure… my daughter graduating from college…  ” It was time to keep rolling”  no time for a pity party… I had to get to the other side… so, I experienced, what i called the Reverse Bucket list… smile….

Well, it’s been 14 years and I’m still planning and traveling. i kicked cancer in it’s butt .. lol, with a lot of prayer, belief and confidence.  I’ve been back to Paris 3 times, each time stretching that dollar farther and farther..  My last trip to Paris, we saw Beyoncé and JZ “ON THE RUN TOUR”… Total $$$ spent for 4 people – 5 nights and 6 days – $ 975 per person including our tickets to the concert, private airport transportation, 3 bedroom apartment and museum and bus tour…… Yes, I know 3 of us were retired airline, but the super cost is always the flight first and then the hotel…..  On my future blogs, I will give pictures of our apartments in Paris.. the company name is VIP (Vacation in Paris) located in New Jersey, USA.  They are jolly on the spot and fantastic to deal with… I’ve used them twice and will use them again when we go back to Paris..  But I’m sure there are other companies like this all over, they just happen to be my favorite..

I don’t want to bore you..I’m looking forward to talking with other travelers.. Who are by far more advanced than I… But I want to encourage everyone to move out of there comfort zone and travel… It’s the best education anyone could ever have…seeing and talking with other cultures!!!   BTW, Macau is still on my adventure travel list….

A few more pictures… enjoy

L'Open Tour Bus
L’Open Tour Bus
The Grimaldi Castle on the hill and a few boats ready for the sea...
The Grimaldi Castle on the hill and a few boats ready for the sea…
Gaudi Gallery – Barcelona




18 thoughts on “Wandering Soul !!!

  1. Now that I’ve opened my life to the world, I’ll actually be able to see it through you! I also had non-Hodgkins large B cell lymphoma. Since one area it was located was in my brain, it was automatically labeled stage 4. Like you, I never doubted I would be all right, I just had to be patient and get through to the other side of treatment. Here we are! Life is grand!! I look forward to reading more from you.

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    1. Thank you Curleykat… you made me cry… that was the same type I had large b cell… i had it in the groin, neck, lung… yes we are here… and we plan to live it up…. thank you for reading my blog… i will keep up with you as well….you too are an inspiration…

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  2. This blogging world is amazing isn’t it?
    Funny : my first ever Chinese Meal was also in San Francisco many many years ago , and in my case it was my father that instilled in us the love for travel. And he is a retired airliner just like you and myself. I am travelling now through other people’s blogs 😉 and enjoying it a lot , and I’m also learning to blog 🙂
    Turtle Hugs

    Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s it! But I mislead you sorry I’m so inept here. You still have to turn on the “convert emoticons” on My Sites Wp Admin scroll down to Settings choose Writing then Formating and click Convert emoticons

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