“Dream your Dreams”

I started Day 3 assignment, thinking i would follow instructions and find a blog that would interest me. I got so excited as I searched for Blogs to follow in my favorite categories… Travel, Photography and Retirement… subjects that peeks my interest. I found so many, who knew?  I didn’t realize that people were writing so intensely …

What my generation called a dairy, that was mainly private, you now call a Blog.  I am so glad to be a part of this world… thank you for letting me in..

I read about people following their dreams on a whim, retiring and staying busy, seeing the world thru something as simple as a metro or train station…. people beating the odds … “fighting the good fight” like my battle with cancer.  I found a kindred spirit in the Navajo Nation… our stories have familiarity, but we are miles away..  only brought closer by a blog…. thank you, only technology could make sure you don’t feel alone in this huge world…

Vineyard in Paso Robles

“A toast to living your dreams”

Most of all, I read about people “dreaming their dreams” taking charge of their life and destiny. I am so happy that by grace, I received a reprieve in 2002, that gave me extra time to enjoy my life to the fullest, no matter what comes my way!!!  I will love and enjoy my family, friends, and will giveback to those in need.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the sunsets around the world!!

Safe travels…


11 thoughts on ““Dream your Dreams”

  1. I am new in blogging world too, never have an interest although I have heard about it before as I don’t consider myself a writer. Here is a vibrant community, supportive and encouraging. I really enjoyed it not so much because I can write but because I meet people and share their dreams. It is not enough to dream your dreams…I will say live your dreams! I love the way you connect to your readers, really inspiring! 🙂

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      1. Anyone sharing their life is inspiring 🙂 You are able to battle cancer, that is truly inspiring. I know we are classmates in Blogging 101November I guess, are you enrolled? I am just busy with some free online courses so I am not able to be there. Glad to know you! 🙂

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