“If it’s Monday, I’m in San Juan

Today, it’s 3 days before thanksgiving, and my theme is spot on… Monday and I’m making my way back home finally. It’s been a wild and crazy 11 days, I’ve missed my fellow bloggers. I’ve seen 5 Caribbean countries (more on that in a later blog) on Celebrity cruise line, spent 4 days in San Juan.

As an airline retiree, I can travel the world, all I have to do is to pack my patience. It was a busy morning starting at 0500 and like each of you, it only took us 1 hour and 30 minutes from check-in to the gate.. Couldn’t make the 1st flight at 715 so I wait.. And for those patience I pack, I’ve seen some fabulous places..

Have you seen this picture before in an airport?

2015-11-23 08.52.39
Empty Airport – “A sad site for a non-rev”

This means.. maybe the next flight you will board… so pull out the ipad and catch up on the latest news or play another game of Candy crush…

While at sea, the world changed again on me, the sad news about my beloved Paris, I’ve been several times to the “city of lights”, the last time we stayed in an apartment by the Place de la Republique and had dinner and walked along that avenue many times. My pals with me on this trip, we had walked together in the same place… We even had gone to Stade de France stadium to see Beyoncé – OTR Tour – some 82,000 people in the stadium that evening. So when I heard about yet another attack on the city I love so much… Je suis de Paris. To all of the families who lost love ones, my prayers are with you.

I look forward to traveling in 2016, as much as possible… I plan to keep going and try very hard to keep a normal traveling life.. Not to let the unknown stop or to continue my adventures of life…

Well, my friends, I have a lot to catch up with from our “blogger u” but I have my assignments and I plan to retrace my steps and build from where I left off on November ….Until later

Safe travels






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