“Just a thought”

As I reflect on my vacation.. it was truly enjoyable… I traveled with my best friend from college, my daughter and her BFF’s ( I’ve labeled them the young guns) who was blowing and going; but let us tag along to make sure we stay young… The Young Ones!!!

Our first stop was Barbados, each Caribbean country has it’s own claim to fame and my daughter wanted to see singer, Rihanna’s home… (I know, but she wanted to see it and our driver drove by). The country was lush and beautiful, saw various spots and beautiful beaches, shoreline and mountains.

2015-11-16 12.27.17

Historical place of worship…. St. James Church.. the oldest church in Barbados…

2015-11-16 10.53.18

2015-11-16 10.48.09

We all left a donation for the church… and it was time to return to the ship… time flew by… so fast… another day and port will soon arrive….

Well, If it’s Tuesday, it must be St. Lucia…

What a beautiful place… very lush.. climbing the very steep mountains, you could hear the gears on our van churning.. very hard… ok.. so a/c off and the breeze coming thru our windows… were amazing… as we stopped for a rest we came upon a perfect shot of the famous Piton mountains…

2015-11-17 11.36.31
Piton in St. Lucia

with local vendors on various hills and the most wonderful view of the St. Lucia’s harbor…

St Lucia Hills over the harbor

What do I enjoy about a cruise?  well it’s seeing several cities without getting on one of these2015-11-17 07.25.28every other day to see the next island and not packing and repacking… 

Just sayin’….

Stop and listen to the soothing sound as the water rush off the mountain side of Diamond Waterfall in Diamond Falls Botanical Garden, laughter could be heard as everyone would jump into the pool of blue healing waters… I saw a husband assist his wife from her wheelchair as they carried her down to waters… she had such a grin…

2015-11-17 12.18.45
Falls in St. Lucia

and right down from the falls…Soufriere Volcano attracting world visitors to it’s sulphur smelling, therapeutic mud baths ….

What a day!!! onto the next island …

It’s Wednesday, November 18 and today is my BFF’s birthday and yes, we are in Antigua… nice way to bring in your birthday… she said, this was her first time she actually celebrated… all out for her birthday… well my friend.. I hope you enjoyed it…. 2015-11-18 22.26.48

Antigua, is another beautiful island, but today we took it slow… and let the birthday girl just enjoy the amazing shopping for her b’day… I think everyone should self indulge on their special day..2015-11-18 07.11.54

I will close for now and continue our final days on the cruise a little later…

But, “just a thought”…as I think about the good time we enjoyed with family and friends …….. As the world keep turning, this last quarter of 2015 has been very interesting.  As we enjoyed our cruise, news is always close by… the sad news from Paris; then, as the last major holiday around the world for 2015 … The news from California, my condolences to all the families, such a sad time.  But we will keep on moving… and I hope that times will get better for all..

for now…

Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa… just enjoy your family and friends during this holiday season…





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