2015, Coming to a close!!!

It’s only 10 days before 2016 and as I reflect on 2015, the picture of the locks reminds me that for every good idea… there’s a consequence.

Thousands upon thousands of people have gone to the bridge of love in Paris to place a lock on the bridge in hope they will find their true love.

Everything has it’s time and place and now it’s time for the locks to be removed… so they don’t damage the bridges.

So, I say good bye to 2015 and looking forward to my new start in 2016…

I don’t know what your 2015 was like, but mine was very interesting.. a mixed of happy and wondering what will be next.

2015 started out with the wedding celebration of my client, how beautiful that was, kicking the New Year off right…Image

The next big holiday was my birthday… didn’t everyone know it was major holiday!!!  lol.. This year it was  with a quiet dinner with my love, Allen..

The year slipped from day to day, month to month, spring time, Mother’s day..pause…  here’s a great time to celebrate with my daughter with a road trip. Best news, she put up with my constant chatter;  but, she was so happy when I took that nap… lol !!

We took a  wine country tour and visited at least 5 vineyards.. well at least that’s what I remember.. thank goodness we were on a tour bus with her wine group out of Las Vegas..
Vineyard in Paso Robles

Later that Saturday evening, we spent time enjoying old school music.. Tony Bennett Live in Paso Robles… the kid enjoys great music of all types…. Lady Gaga would have been a bonus if she was there … smile

On Sunday morning, a visit to Hearst Castle (it was my 2nd time) my daughter’s first time and driving PCH 1 curves.   We had a chance to see the seals lay on the beach as the female and juvenile elephant seals molt.

Then,  summer to fall.. Where did it go?  I remembering planning in February for our cruise in November and before I knew it was time to go on holiday.

2015-11-21 09.16.41
Celebrity Summit

To be with family and friends for 10 days enjoying and seeing all of the great islands in the southern caribbean… fantastic!!

2015 is ready to end.  The last excitement before Christmas was my  niece graduating and getting her Masters… My mom would have been so proud to see yet another graduate in the family… but with an advance degree.. I think she is smiling and doing a jig in heaven..


You did good!!! Mom & Grand mom.. we heard you loud and clear!!! lol

             So now, it’s only 4 days away from Christmas, here’s my

Christmas cheer!!

Image 2

A wreath on the door…  no great decorations this year or Christmas day plans just dinner and see Star Wars.. I can’t wait.. “May the force be with us” with the crowds.


I was going back to review the movies that came out this year… and I’m wondering how in the world did I miss Spectre.. the James Bond movie…


What happened? .. How did I miss that?   Well… I’ll wait for DVD…

One of my last observations for 2015,  I would drive thru different neighborhoods or by apartment complexes in the evening and I just didn’t see the Christmas lights that I’m so use to seeing during the holidays. Did Christmas sneak up on everyone?  Even in my complex, where we use to have Christmas decoration contest.. not even a peep from the Apartment management..  I don’t see any lights in my section and I know we have a few kids around..

Where did our Christmas spirit go this year?  Could it be the weather?  I just heard it was going to be near the 70’s in New York and Boston near 61 on Christmas day .. that’s Texas weather,  we are use to having an air conditioner on during Christmas dinner.  I know it’s hard for the East coast.. I was always glad to go east to see the snow for Christmas… We can only hope this is not a trend and just an odd year…

I don’t know where all of the Christmas spirit is hiding, but after the movie on Christmas night.. I plan to find those twinkling lights and smile when I see the inflated Santa Claus and Snow Man sitting on the lawn as I drive by with our convertible down, in my shorts and flip flops…

This year has just zoomed past.. “Is it true the older you get the faster the year goes by?

Here’s wishing you find the true meaning of Christmas and enjoy laughing, drinking and eating  with family and friends.

All the best in 2016…

Have a Safe and Happy New Year!!!


Time to plan for next big adventure….


4 thoughts on “2015, Coming to a close!!!

  1. marvelous reflections! You’ve done a lot of travelling with family which you captured beautifully. I hope to do more of that….This was a great read! You’ve inspired me to think about more of the amazing things I’ve achieved other than what’s incomplete. Interesting- haven’t felt the Christmas spirit too here in Kampala. Not like in the past at least…
    I enjoyed spectre! 🙂
    Happy holidays!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sounds like you had a grea 2015. I’ve enjoyed reading your adventures since Oct. I look forward to more of your traveling adventures in 2016! Oh, and btw, it IS true the older you get the faster time goes by! :/ lol


    1. Happy New Year, Linda… i’m looking forward to my adventure as well.. My daughter is already plotting.. we might do 2-3 small things to do something big in 2017.. it’s a big birthday for myself and my daughter in 2017… so thanks for reading my thoughts…I enjoy reading your as well and my other fellow bloggers.. A

      Liked by 1 person

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