How was your Christmas delivery? Will it be better in 2016?

I have been retired for 7 years, I’ve enjoyed working part-time as needed (which would be all the time).  Cost of living for a retiree is a never ending cycle, everything goes up every year, except your fixed income,  so we retiree work!!!  I do enjoy it… it does fund my traveling… smile..

This Christmas season, I worked from home for a retail chain as a customer service representative.  As I listened to my calls, some very simple and other calls were missing items or wrong products being delivered,  I just keep thinking, where’s the quality check person?   For the old timers, you remember, when you received your order and open to see your purchase, at the bottom of the box, a small paper that said,  

                           “your order was inspected by Agent 22 – Sally”.  

Here’s a few example:

Now, no quality assurance or no quality check to see if your order matched your billed invoice..   Here’s a call,  “Thank you for calling xyz company, this is  Arianne, how may i help you?”  “Yes, This is Betty, I received my order, I purchased 4 customized calendars, but 3 of the 4 were not mine, didn’t have our family pictures on the calendars, it was someone else’s pictures.   Oh ma’am, I do apologize for that mistake and I will be happy to resubmit or refund your order.  Now, why am I saying this?  Did they have any one to do a visual check of this order?  So, now you have another problem, someone else is looking for their items or did they get Betty’s order?  Don’t blame the transportation industry for this, even, if they did have their own problems including weather is some regions.


I know, I know,  I’m old school and believe me, I love my technology, but sometimes we depend on technology and forget there’s nothing wrong with just a final human check to make sure the order goes out correct. Companies would save many, many  $$$$ dollars, when you get it right the first time, not the 2 or 3rd time.

We are all want instant gratification ( you know push a button and get a cookie) I wanted that here, yesterday!!!   I love ordering online and not waiting for snail mail … please, don’t get me wrong.. There’s nothing like ordering my tickets online to see Star Wars – The Force Awaken, not standing in line for 30 minutes for just 2 tickets.. BUT…

Has companies forgotten what’s important?  It’s the customer that keeps your company viable.  Customer service is the driving force  to keep you solvent.  Next, it’s your employee, if you don’t care about them, they won’t care about you, then, I as the customer get Betty’s order and it’s only 4 days before Christmas and I hear…

“Ma’am I do apologize, I can resubmit your order with overnight delivery after our 3-4 days processing time or I can refund your payment.”.

I don’t want a refund, all I wanted was Grandma, Aunt Sally and Uncle Tim’s gift.

Here’s a vintage commercial from United Airlines about caring about the customer… check out what this company President is saying…

The Speech

BTW, United could also use a little of that internal soul searching, as well… Just sayin’.   I have faith, that they will see the light and get back on track..   It’s always about starting within, your workers need to believe that they are a part of the team…  you care about them and believe me they will care about your customers and your bottom line.

Nothing wrong with whistling while you work, as long as it’s a happy tune

 Whistle while you work

Just remember there’s no “I” in team.

I’m hoping that next year, companies go back and put their customer first, I know they answer to a Board of Directors, it’s about their return on their investment.  How much they save the company, maybe even outsourcing jobs for a better bottom line,  but, not having a quality assurance line or to have a final visual check before the order goes out,  might not be the answer for your ROI.

Eventually, companies might look up and find that their customers have moved onto your competitor.  You no longer have the best and the brightest working for your company.  I know jobs are hard to find and their will always be someone to replace that worker, that walked away; but, do you have that worker that will give 1000%,  be it bad, good or whatever is happening to your company at that moment.  They will be there thru thick or thin. They will always believe, when things get better, you will make sure to reward them.  It used to be called “loyalty” and yes it goes both ways, well make that 3 ways, “Company, employee and your customers”.

Let’s hope that next year will be prosperous for all, Customers, Business and Employees.. Will companies rediscover the simple secret to success for all? .. Will your order arrive correct and on time in 2016?






2 thoughts on “How was your Christmas delivery? Will it be better in 2016?

  1. Well , you are touching on a pet peeve of mine , as I believe Customer Service is everything , and we do not get it like we used to . Which is nonsense business wise , being it that we have so many more companies to choose from , we will favour the ones that treat their customers best .
    And being happy while you work is so so important , in order to give your best . I can’t whistle (maybe I could learn it too – well there’s an idea 😉 ) but I am almost always singing while I work – at home – and it surely helps a lot (specially when I have to do what I don’t like to …which is almost every housework ) 🙂
    Turtle Hugs 🙂

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