Time to plan, 2016

Our New Years celebrations are over and my hangover is gone… Looking forward to the new year and plans for travel.. Where will we go.. what’s the big plans for this year?

I enjoy traveling to cities far and near.. favorite close city to travel from Houston – going east.. the Big Easy – New Orleans,  going west .. Alamo City  – San Antonio.  If I’m heading over the pond.. Paris for the lights, Monte Carlo to see the rich and famous… I know there’s many more cities in Europe and it’s time for me to spread my wings.. One step at a time…

This year.. I think we will do an European cruise with a combination of Venice, Greece, Sicily and another city.. Any suggestions.. I’m all ears.. Later in the year, a Riverboat Christmas cruise from Amsterdam to Basel.. this truly look fantastic.. even if it will be cold..

In the early 80’s Pre-Airbnb accommodations, you had Timeshares… yes, we were one of those that bought in the early 80’s sounded like a great deal, even for just 1 week of the year.. and of course, we could use our home base as many times as we wanted.  Since we were a young working couple with a young child, we could only get away during holidays, spring breaks or summertime… yes, that’s right, when everyone else could get away…LOL…  I finally figured the system out and we had many trips to great places with that timeshare.

When we would drive, we loved the Hill country in Texas, Canyon Lake, Kerrville, San Marcus, Austin, San Antonio.  BTW, in Texas, we have a great Wine region, on US 290 between Fredericksburg to Austin is great Wineries and Vineyards… it’s a great weekend getaway thru the hills of Texas… yeap, I said it … Hills of Texas.. prettiest area you could ever see here Deep in the Heart of Texas.  We also have great beaches around Corpus Christi, but that’s another story…

Our timeshare open the doors to Disney World in Florida, twice.. and you know that’s the only way to see Disney World.. with the cost of hotels, food and the amusement parks.. Next time you are thinking about going.. check out home or apartment rentals with Timeshares or Airbnb.. instead of the hotels.. It will help your cost.. since the Park cost has skyrocketed .. The first time we went.. it was $80 ++ for all 3 of us for a 3 days pass, I know.. it’s not now.. But the timeshare unit I rented for the week was a 3 bedrooms, 3 baths and screened porch.. $400 for the week…You know.. our time wasn’t available for our Timeshare… LOL..

I wanted to reflect on those travel days.. because I never looked at a hotel again, only if we were doing 2 – 3 day or my daughter was not traveling with us.  Our timeshare provided vacations to Hawaii, Martha’s Vineyard, Nassau, Paradise Island, Abaco, St. Thomas, St.Martin, Aruba, Mazatlan, Acapulco, Cabo San Lucas.. yes.. our time was available.. but, by then I had another ace up my sleeve.. I now was working for the airline and it gave me flexibility.. yes that’s what you needed with your timeshare was flexibility.. I could now travel last minute without purchasing that last minute ticket…  Sunset in Cabo

Today, when I travel… I always look for a great company that provides apartment living while you travel… When I first started blogging, I talked about Vacation in Paris Holiday Rentals… If you are heading to Paris.. great company that’s based in the US.. they have visited each of their properties and will give you what’s near or even the apartment noise level… here’s our first 2 Bedrooms, 2 bathroom apartment in the St. Germain district, need I say more…

it was fabulous.. close to everything..  my girlfriends and I celebrated my 61st birthday… we had a blast, our last night at the Princesse and the Frog.. great pub right across from our apartment..

Princess and the Frog

This trip was for 4.. total cost $550 per person for 5 days in Paris,  2 Bedroom apartment, roundtrip airport (private) transportation, 3 days pass for  L’open Tour bus, Museum tickets, Birthday river cruise dinner on the Seine – all included in the per person price.

Our next trip to see Beyonce & J-Z OTR Concert tour we stayed in                Le République district..

Republique Apartment

Yes, we all either work or retired from the airline and yes, that makes it very sweet..  But the point is that you can really enjoy and share a very nice affordable apartment when you travel… with friends or family.

I’m gathering information for our cruise this year, but I’m planning strong for my 66th birthday to South America… A country that I have been trying to get to now for at least 2 years, every time me and girls try to plan… something comes up… so we are full steam ahead for Buenos Aires in February, 2017… We see a Tango in our future and a fab apartment for a week with a view… great food, wine and laughter…  I like the information on Luxury BA apartments, will let you know how it turns out.. or maybe you can even tell me… they look fab…

Closing thought… betcha wondering why I’m not using that timeshare… cause it really was even a better bargain once it was paid off… Well… dang it… lost it in the divorce proceeding… ROFL… easy come, easy go.. it was great while it lasted.

Well, get off your duff and start planning… even if it’s a short trip… it’s amazing what new scenery will do for your mind and soul.

Safe Travels…








4 thoughts on “Time to plan, 2016

  1. I’ve been wondering how you are able to travel to so many places and it be affordable. My daughters and I are planning a trip to Maine/Boston area next fall so your tips are very helpful. I have been wanting to take one of those Riverboat cruises. Every time I see their ads I think, “I’m doing that!” Will look forward to hearing how that trip goes for you. I really enjoy hearing about your travels. Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Linda, happy new year!!! Yes, it’s true… I did have the airline and that timeshare… Lol but before that I always did research and budget planning for our trips… And we use to drive a lot. Lol. We had one trip started in Texas to Ohio for family reunion then to Niagara falls then Montreal then to New York (mother in law lived there) then to
      Boston… Lol and then back home.. So, I hope u start planning for that trip… I loved Boston.. Would love to see Maine. I look forward to ur report…. Thanks for following me… Toodles. On that river cruise… They have some time 2 for 1. So if u do 1800 it’s 900 per person and taxes. Check it out.


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