Retired Airline and love to travel… sooooooooooo !!

I am stepping out of my comfort zone.. I love travel so much.. until I thought it would be fun to try this blogging thing… my own private, yet, public diary.

I did a reboot of my career in 1997, went from an accountant to an airline contact center.  What could be a better place to work?  A company that would give me an opportunity at my travel dreams.  It was love at first sight when I joined Continental Airlines.. It was great helping others get to their next business or pleasure destination. I would listen to my travelers and if time permitted, they would tell exciting stories about where they were going, it’s so great to know people are willing to share their travel experience.

On my adventures, I would take customers tips about my destination and while visiting would pickup more information to add to my travel library.  Just know that, I’m not an expert on travel, but I hope to connect with other traveler, read about their experiences and learn about other parts of the world, that I might not get a chance to visit.  I’ve had the pleasure to travel and thanks to CO, I’ve seen a few more places, nowhere near my airline friends or travel bloggers, but it’s been fun to see places that I’ve read about or seen on TV..

Sunset in Cabo

“Reading will prepare you for a new adventures .. Travel will let you experience that adventure to its fullest”.

So, I continue my travel dreams, if I can pass on tips along the way… my travel karma will be complete.

BTW…the Caribbean is calling my name… a cruise is on my horizon..  

I’m looking forward to being on the road again…

Safe travels to all…



14 thoughts on “About

  1. Your refrigerator looks like mine! Seventy-nine countries and counting! I’m impressed with your theme, layouts, photos, writing style and the total look of the site. You can’t be just a beginner?! I’m jealous! I’ve got a blog “in the oven” about Botswana coming soon to your nearest computer! Happy trails!

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      1. My dear cohort, You are still very young. Give yourself time! It so happened that my visits abroad came totally serendipity at first then built up a certain momentum and then expanded to my ideals, places around the globe I felt a desire to be immersed within (if only for a short time), to taste the culture, to breathe the air. Other people call their goal a bucket list. I’m not fond of the term. I prefer simply, ‘my dream.’ Having been for a short while a travel agent (while raising three kiddies in diapers at the same time), I get pleasure in the research and planning even before the dessert, the-just-being-“there,” Keep truckin’ and enjoy life. It’s far too short and precious!!

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  2. So what are you doing these days? (“retiree”?) I also worked at 2 airlines’ contact centers and then as a flight attendant at 2 other airlines 🙂 Loved it!!!!! Now, those jobs aren’t so easy to get anymore and I’m currently “between travel jobs”… feeling like I’m rotting away in an ordinary office with ordinary co-workers!! Oh well. I’m sure my time will come again, sooner or later 😉 Happy to have run into your blog, very curious to see what you’ve been up to!


    1. Hi there!!!.. travel when I can… and work various or part time jobs.. to travel…smile.. You are so correct.. not easy to find the jobs we both loved so much.. So when they call me back to help out.. I jump for the 4 months of work… Love my airline environment!!!… I love your title.. Snow melts somewhere…

      Safe Travels!!!

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